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Winterhalder & Hofmeier 1900's

This beautiful solid wooden bracket clock is made by the very prestigious German made company Winterhalder & Hofmeier who were considered the finest Clockmakers in the Victorian era,  starting in 1810 and established in The Black Forest, Germany. 

This 'Ting-Tangs' on the quarter hour, half hour, quarter to & hour, then finishes with the hour strikes. It ornate gold/silver dial and hands are all original dating back to as early as early 1900's.

This clock is a must see as pictures just do not show off its true beauty.



Rare Art-Deco Pheasant clock

This all original Art-Deco French made mantle clock truly is a beautiful piece of art. Its French made bell striking movement is in full working order with a delicate strike on the half hour and hour.

Its solid and heavy case is made from marble set with a stylish Pheasant at side of clock dial. 

This stunning clock would suit any Art-Deco lover and is very rare.


Westminster Chiming clock

Good sized 'Napoleon Hat' shaped dark mahogany  Westminster  chiming & striking balance movement. 

Its silver traditional dial has gold  Arabic numbers and original ornate shaped hands. 

Dating around the 1920's it has a lot of charm with a lovely toned chime on every quarter of the hour, finishing with the hour strikes.



Smiths Bakelite

This lovely little Bakelite clock is circa 1950's and would have originally been an electrical clock.

It's original green bakelite case is unmarked and in excellent condition for it's age of almost 70yrs. The movement has been changed for a quartz battery operated movement and keeps perfect time. 

A lovely piece for Bakelite lovers.


Ingersoll Bakelite

This cream bakelite mechanical wind original clock is in very good condition. It is an alarm clock which appears to be working although it is very old.

The clock itself keeps good time and has a healthy tick when fully wound. A lovely vintage clock made by the british make 'Ingersoll' for any bakelite lover.

Ingersoll date back to c1800's



Dutch scene 'HAC' clock

'HAC' german made fine china plate clock

This lovely little china plate decorated with dutch scenes dates back over 100 years old to c1910.

It is mechanically wound at the front with a small pendulum semi-hidden at the back. When you see it the pendulum just appears at the bottom of plate.

It keeps great time and is perfect for a kitchen/diner or any room to add character.


Regulater A

Circa 1980's miniture Regulator A 

This lovely wall clock is a 30 day wind and keeps fantastic time. It's case is in excellent condition and it's shaped case gives it lots of character.



Granddaughter clock

Beautiful Granddaughter fully chiming clock.

Solid dark wooden case with very pretty 2-tone gold/silver dial with moonphase feature.

Westminster chime on every quarter hour or can be silent. 

This clock is in immaculate condition ageing approx 40yrs old.

 Measurements h 5ft x w 1ft 

Come and grab a bargain!


Dutch HAC

This lovely dutch scene painted china plate clock was originally mechanical however has been changed to a quartz battery movement as the original was irreparable.

However the plate and dial/hands are all original and date back to c1910 with the original winder on front.

HAC are a german made and very well respected clock company dating back c1880's.



Art-Deco Swan clock

This Art-Deco double swan marble clock is very attractive.

Its case and hands are all original as are the beautiful swans each side of the dial. 

The clock movement originally French has been changed with a quality quartz battery movement, therefor this clock will keep perfect time.

A great timepiece for any Art-Deco lover.


Smaller French/London made mantel

This beautiful mid sized arched shaped striking mantel clock is both French & British made. 

It has a French made pendulum movement and is housed in a dark marbled wooden case with tiny brass feet,  designed in London. It's lovely simple and classic white face/dial has classic black Arabic  numbers.  

The strike is very subtle and strikes on the half hour and hour.

A very pretty clock!

£275.00 SOLD 


Cuckoo clock

Black forest Cuckoo clock original mechanical wind with two weights. Feature cuckoo sounding on half hour and hour. beautiful coloured wooden surrounding with moving birds feeding baby on bottom when it cuckoo's.

Fun and original. These original Black forest cuckoo's are very expensive new!



Black Forest Cuckoo/Music box clock

This is a fantastic example of a Black Forest Cuckoo clock.

Its truly beautiful featuring a fully working cuckoo and music box with dancing couples moving and rotating on the half hour and hour. 

Playing the Traditional and well known 'Edelweiss' tune this fun and classic Cuckoo clock would add charm and character to any room in your home.




Cuckoo clock

This original Cuckoo clock from the Black forest is an 8 day movement so only need winding once a week.

Lovely case with coloured carvings and bird on top.



Vintage Disney Bell alarm clocks

1960's Original Disney  collectors bell alarm clocks.

Mickey mouse & Donald duck with 'arm hands', fully mechanical winding vintage in immaculate condition.

£75.00 each


Rare Vedette Art Deco clock

We are pleased to offer this stunning large Art Deco Vedette Westmister chiming mantel clock for sale. Set in beautiful light ewe wood with a Gold chapter dial & 3d classic black numbers. It has pretty gold filigree hands and is signed Vedette on the inner dial. It has a top quality French made 5 train movement which is stunning to look at. The 'bookend' style case ends are very Art Deco styled. Case measurements 66x23x15cm. This truly is a stunning mantel clock and very rare. The refined chimes are lovely almost sounding as a granddaughter clock would. A one off & must see!! 


Fusee School clock 1910

Lovely nostalgic circa 1910 school clock.

This has a refurbished dial/hands with original case and left hand opening bezel door. 

The movement is the prestigious single Fusee which keeps very good time.



Art Deco slate/marble mantel clock

Stunning Black slate base with marble open dial/face with ornate art deco numbers & hands. 

Featuring two lovely sage green standing up Deer, true and classic 1920's Art Deco original clock and case.

This has been converted to a quartz movement which is hidden at the back of dial as the original movement could not be saved.

Perfect time keeping original Art deco timepiece!



Bayard carriage clock

French made Bayard brass carriage clock. Beautiful classic mantle timepiece only with good quality balance french made movement. 

Stunning conditioned white face with roman numerals and 'Bayard 8 day' written on dial.

This is sold complete with original box which is unusual and quite a find!

Great time keeper.




Wall clock circa 1930's

This wonderful 1930's dark wooden/black side pillars on side wall long case clock has a beautifully restored dial.

It's completely original in every way however just the paper dial has been stylishly refurbished with a  black scroll design & Arabic numbers. 

It's special feature is 'Southend on Sea' written on the bottom and the signing of the clock- maker 'J Clarke' at the top.

It's German made movement has a strike on the half hour and hour.



Stunning Brass 3 piece Clock & Candle stick Garniture

Here we have a 1950's reproduction of a period garniture 3 piece clock and 2 x candle sticks set in solid brass.

It's 8 day striking balance movement winds beautifully and keep perfect time for a clock of nearly 70 years old.

Its case and candle sticks are matching and made of solid brass with a very elaborate and ornate style.

This will look stunning in the right room!




1960-70's Alarm clock

This all original 'retro' alarm clock is dated from the late 1960's to early 1970's. The immaculate case is make of black bakelite, metal & glass.

A very eye catching and collectable timepiece that keeps great time for it's age.


Early 1930's Seiko Striking mantel clock

This is a very rare find being an early model of Seiko. 

It's mid coloured wooden case is in good condition with the original dial, hands and bezel. It strikes on the half hour and hour and has the pendulum visible in bottom glass window.

Lovely vintage 'Trade S mark' Seiko mantel clock.




Striking mantel clock

This lovely smaller sized mantel clock from the 1950's has a pretty inlayed wooden case has a scalloped bottom with shaped feet. Mechanical wind with pendulum and strikes on the half hour and full hour.

Full working order


FFC Barometer

Lovely ooriginal 1970's barometer in mind condition. FFC were part of bravingtons of London group and this has the original sticker on the back of the case.

Mid size to fit any home.



8 Day Dutch style 'World on shoulders' 

Fantastically detailed Dutch style clock.

This British made striking wall clock is very decorative and would add character to any room.

Very ornate timepiece with large weights and chains for winding. It feature the famous 'Man with the world on his shoulders' on the top



Franklin Mint Mini mantle clocks

Two Miniture Franklin Mint novelty mantle/desk clocks.

Original 1970's quartz movement.

£25.00 each 


Stunning c1880 American made China mantle clock

This beautiful china ornate striking clock has an American made pendulum 8 day movement which strikes on the half hour and hour. 

It's stunning ornate brass bezel surrounds its Victorian cream dial with black roman numerals.

This is a total original dating back to 1880-85 and is a truly striking looking timepiece.



1930's School / Town clock

Lovely nostalgic circa 1930's school clock.

A rare find as this is one of 'Seiko's' first early models when they traded under the name of 'Seikosha'. 

This has an all original paper dial and large over sized classic numbers with a pendulum striking movement, striking on the half hour and the hour.

Lovely light wooden case/



Swiza vintage Alarm clock

We are delighted to have this rare and original 1950\60's Swiza high class Swiss made mechanical wind novelty alarm table/desk clock.

Its very unusual design is that of a 'Candle flame' on a hand held brass stand.

It also comes complete with its original Swiza red box.

This is a rare find and a fine example of the highly regarded make 'Swiza' they made many mechanical alarm clocks dating back to the 1920's and this is a collectors piece. 

Perfect time keeping and fully working alarm 8 day manual winding movement.



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